Logo Design - ALFMA

Logo Design for The Association of Law Firm Merger Advisers (ALFMA)

ALFMA is a group of like minded / skilled providers to solicitors. The basis of the business is that there are 10000 law firms in the market who all at some point need advice on growth and/or exit strategy. One of the main options is merger. But there is no central place where firms can go to get the expertise and this is ALFMA, a group of experts in the field.

The logo for ALFMA needed to be simple, clear and professional - I developed several concepts for the Association, and below is the chosen design, which conveys strength via a bold sans serif font. The structure of the logo suggests that successful mergers have already taken place, with ALFMA being the launchpad for that success. The rising shapes represent a bar chart and growing finances as a result of seeking the advice of the Association.

law firm logo vector
legal logo and business card design
creative law firm logo on letterhead
law firm logo image on billboard
law logo design on mug
legal logo design on notebook

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